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Never use 'post' or 'mail' to confer with the amount of cash that you simply pay out to ship a letter or parcel. In both of those British and American English, this money is named postage.

بَريدعَمودعَمُودمَخْفَر، مُعَسْكَرمَكان تأدِيَة الواجِب، نُقْطَة مُراقَبَه

In each British and American English, you'll be able to say that someone posts on or posts a thing on the net or on a website, to necessarily mean which they place a message, remark, or merchandise there.

rudderpost, rudderstock - a vertical post in the ahead fringe of a rudder that enables the rudder to pivot

These products and solutions could possibly be sold in health and fitness food merchants or within the health and fitness food or organic and natural sections of grocery shops.

1a : materials consisting primarily of protein, carbohydrate, and Unwanted fat used in the body of an organism to sustain advancement, mend, and important processes also to furnish Electricity also : this kind of food along with supplementary substances (including minerals, natural vitamins, and condiments) drought victims who don't have ample food to take in

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An additional universal phenomenon concerning food may be the charm of contrast in flavor and presentation. As an example, these types of reverse flavors as sweetness and saltiness often go nicely with each other, as in kettle corn and nuts. Food preparing

These addresses include things like an 'Alias' which can mirror how the house is known Traditionally or includes a house identify, locality or County data that isn't desired for postal needs.

a printed document bought in a post office, which can be exchanged at An additional post Workplace for your amount of money paid for it. posorder حَوّالَه بَريديَّه пощенска разписка vale postal poštovní poukázka die Postanweisung postanvisning ταχυδρομική επιταγήgiro postal rahakaart حوالۀ پولی postiosoitus mandat-posteהמחאת דואר पोस्टल आर्डर novčana uputnica postautalvány pemberitahuan pos póstávísun vaglia postale 郵便為替 우편환 pašto perlaida pārvedums pa pastu wang pos postwisselpostanvisningprzekaz pocztowy د حواله پيسى vale денежный почтовый перевод poštová poukážka poštna nakaznica novčana uputnica postanvisning ธนาณัติ posta havalesi 郵政匯票(匯款單) грошовий переказ ڈاک کي ہنڈي thư chuyển tiền 邮政汇票(汇款单)

Room food can be a sort of food product or service established and processed for consumption by astronauts in outer Area. The food has distinct necessities of providing balanced diet for people Doing the job in space, whilst currently being quick and safe to retailer, put together and eat in the machinery-filled weightless environments of crewed spacecraft.

Fertilizing and using pesticides in traditional farming has caused, and is also causing, tremendous damage throughout the world to community ecosystems, biodiversity, groundwater and drinking water supplies, and in some cases เบิร์นไขมัน farmer well being and fertility. These environmental, financial and health concerns are meant to be minimized or averted in natural and organic farming. From a buyers standpoint, There's not enough proof in scientific and medical literature to help statements that natural and organic food is safer or healthier to consume than conventionally developed food.

[ S or U ]   COMMUNICATIONS   British isles time throughout the day when letters and deals are collected, or arrive at houses and areas of labor:

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